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Why Choose Wall Panels?

Wall Panels


Wallpapers & Paint



1. Easy Installation

  • Easy & quick to install, option to self assemble. 

  • No air bubbles at seams unlike wallpapers.

2. Health Benefits

  • E0 Grade formaldehyde emission

  • No harmful emissions from paint fumes

  • Negative Ion properties, Non toxic

3. Reusability

  • Paint & Wallpaper cannot be reused.

  • Repainting is time consuming, costly & labor intensive

4.  Moisture Proof

  • Coated with layer to prevent moisture

  • Easy to maintain, simple to clean

  • Product density of 5.5KG/M


5. Anti Peel

  • Created with hot press technology

  • Heat & Humidity resistant

  • Will not peel at corners or turn yellow like wallpapers & paint

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